Giving Campaign Sets Law School Record

Congratulations to the Third-Year Gift Committee who ran an awesome campaign.  This year’s graduating class certainly had the giving spirit.  In fact, the 2005 response is greater in amount pledged and number of third-year students participating than the combined Classes of 2004, 2003, and 2002!

The campaign committee asks fellow third-year students to make pledges for donations to the law school after graduation.  Pledges can be directed toward scholarships for incoming law students or the Wake Forest Loan Repayment Assistance Program to assist recent graduates who pursue legal public service careers.  Most third-year students recognize the importance of funding in these two areas and were pleased to be able to “give back” to other students and alumni.

The Law Board of Visitors will recognize the Campaign Committee Co-Chairs Bill McMahon and Susan Ryan for leading a fantastic campaign and congratulate the entire committee for securing pledges from over 60% of their classmates (97 pledges) for a total of $6,077.05.  The third-year committee members are :  Kyla Block, Kelli Burns, Trip Coyne, Ryan Dings, Megan Fontana, Brian Hayles, Mac Henry, Scotty McFarlan, Karen Neely, Erika Olson, David Pope, Caleb Rogers, and Jake Stump. 

This demonstrates again the Wake Forest generosity to those here now and future alumni to come.