Faculty News

Robert Chesney moderated a panel in December on the use of “secret evidence” in non-Article III proceedings in connection with a conference at Cardozo School of Law.  He also presented a paper at Vanderbilt Law School on the topic of judicial deference to executive branch treaty interpretations.  In January, Professor Chesney will participate in a panel sponsored by the International Law Section of the Association of American Law Schools at that organization’s annual meeting in Washington, and also will give a guest lecture at the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School in Charlottesville.

Maureen Eggert will be one of the speakers for a National Business Institute  CLE in Greensboro.  It is titled “Find It Free And Fast On the Net: Advanced Internet Strategies for the North Carolina Legal Professional.”

John Korzen recently wrote an amicus brief to the North Carolina Supreme Court in the case of Loredo v. CSX Transportation, on behalf of the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers (the Academy), an organization with nearly 4000 members.  John is a member of the Academy’s Legal Affairs Committee, which reviews members’ requests for amicus support, provides brief writers and editors, and identifies important cases going up on appeal in which NCATL should be involved.  The Loredo case involves the deaths of two motorists at a railroad crossing in Cary, North Carolina, and the issue is whether the crossing was more than ordinarily hazardous and therefore required the defendant railroads to install automatic signals.

Kate Mewhinney, Director of the Elder Law Clinic and Clinical Professor of Law, reports that she and third-year student Mike Soto recovered over $39,000 for an 80 year old client who had been defrauded by a local businessman.  The settlement included payment of attorneys fees to The Elder Law Clinic, pursuant to state consumer protection statutes.