Litigation Clinic Students Try Case Before Jury, Right Out of the Box!

On Tuesday, September 4th while most law students were in post-holiday mode, Litigation Clinic students Genevieve Markey and Erin Comerford suited up for their first jury trial, which was held at the Forsyth County Hall of Justice in downtown Winston-Salem.  Erin represented the State and Genevieve advocated for the Defense in a case where her client was charged with malicious injury to property.  Attorneys from the District Attorney’s Office and the state Public Defender’s Office made this wonderful opportunity available and mentored Genevieve and Erin through the process.  (The A.D.A. was our own JD ‘06 graduate, Matt Breeding.)

In every trial there is a winner and loser, which is part of the risk of putting one’s case before 12 strangers.  Although both Erin and Genevieve did an excellent job, the jury found in favor of the defense.

This was an exciting and challenging way for these two students to BEGIN their semester in the Litigation Clinic, and we congratulate them on their courage in stepping up when opportunity knocked.