Intellectual Property Law Journal Sponsors Symposium on Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

Please join us for the “Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals” symposium this Friday, February 22nd. This symposium is sponsored by the Intellectual Property Law Journal and will cover the intellectual property and public health issues raised by counterfeit drugs.

There are a number of domestic and international problems in this area, and each year more and more adulterated or fake medications enter the United States. Pharmaceutical companies are spending vast sums of money to combat counterfeit medications and educate the public. Governmental agencies, such as the FDA, are trying to prevent these drugs from making their way into the United States.

Despite the efforts of both the public and private sectors, many people are still unaware of the dangers these counterfeit medicines raise. There have been reports that the packaging of some of these counterfeit drugs is virtually identical to the real thing. In some instances, the only way to tell whether the drugs are real is to physically test them. Unfortunately, these fakes have shown up in hospitals and medicine cabinets throughout the country. In fact, there have even been deaths and serious injuries in the United States as a result of these counterfeits.

Counterfeit drugs also raise many other intellectual property and human health issues that we would like to bring to the forefront of academic debate.

Symposium Schedule