Law School Initiates SJD Degree Program

The School of Law will initiate an S.J.D. (Scientiae Juridicae Doctor) degree program beginning in the fall semester of 2008.  The S.J.D. degree is designed for international legal scholars and law academics interested in undertaking advanced legal studies in the United States with an eye to pursuing (or continuing) academic careers in their home countries.

The S.J.D. program will be highly selective.  The law school will admit each year up to three S.J.D. students, who will pursue their studies under the guidance of faculty dissertation advisors.  To be eligible for the program, S.J.D. candidates must have completed an LL.M. program with distinction either at Wake Forest or elsewhere in the United States. 

S.J.D. candidates will enroll in the program for two to three years.  The first year will be in residency at Wake Forest, during which time S.J.D. candidates will enroll in courses in the law school and begin work on their doctoral dissertation.  After completion of the written dissertation, the S.J.D. candidates will make an oral defense of the dissertation before a committee of Wake Forest professors.

The addition of an S.J.D. program in the School of Law will serve to attract highly-qualified LL.M. students, many of whom regard an S.J.D. degree as an important step in an academic career.  The presence of S.J.D. candidates will add to the intellectual life of the law school and further expand the school’s international engagement.