WFU School of Law professor participates in J. Alston Atkins Memorial Lecture panel discussion

Wake Forest University School of Law professor Wendy Parker participated in a panel discussion on Oct. 30 following Winston-Salem State University’s J. Alston Atkins Memorial Lecture in Constitutional Law.

The lecture was given by Morris Dees, co-founder and chief legal counsel of the Southern Poverty Law Center of Montgomery, Ala. Dees and his organization are widely credited with bringing white supremacist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Resistance to their knees through civil litigation. Dees spoke about his litigation against the KKK and bridges to racial justice in the future.

Other panelists included Larry Little, assistant professor of political science at WSSU; Robert (Hoppy) Elliot, a partner in the law firm of Elliot Pishko Morgan; and District Court Judge Denise S. Hartsfield.

Parker is nationally recognized for her innovative scholarship in the area of civil rights, focusing on school desegregation and remedies for racial and ethnic discrimination.

“I emphasized the importance of integration in the schools,” Parker said. “Only then will resources be distributed more equally and will kids learn racial understanding at an early age.”