Aindrea Alderson wins 2009 Trial Bar Zeliff Competition

Second-year Wake Forest University law student Aindrea Alderson is the winner of the 2009 Trial Bar Zeliff Competition.

Both Alderson and Garrett Johnson, the two outstanding finalists, created a final round that was purely exceptional to watch, according to observers. Forsyth County District Court Judge Denise Hartsfield likened the competition to watching Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal pull out all the stops.

Prize money totaling $1,000 will be distributed to the Finalists, Semi-finalists, and the Elite Eight in this competition.

"Please join us in recognizing these competitors as well as the rest of the students who worked hard to make this competition such a success," said Associate Dean Ann Gibbs.

Finalist: Garrett Johnson

Semi Finalist: Kellen Simmons and Randy Ivie

Elite Eight: Karl Amelchenko, Thena Edwards, Rip Fiser and Sam Metzler

Sweet Sixteen: Ben Austrin-Willis, Art Bookout, Eric Doggett, Nicole Dupre, Luke Farley, Amber Kirby, Allen Mauldin and Travis Mullaney

Honorable Mention: Luke MacDowall, Marion Parsons and Neubia Williams