WFU Law co-hosts national Tort Symposium April 2-3

Wake Forest University School of Law, University of Texas School of Law, and The American Law Institute co-hosted a symposium on April 2-3 concerning the Third Restatement of Torts. The American Law Institute’s efforts to prepare updated principles for negligence and strict liability claims have been in process for more than a dozen years. Now, with only a Chapter that addresses the modern developments in land possessor’s duties remaining to be approved at the ALI’s annual meeting in May, this monumental effort will be completed.

Virtually all of the leading torts scholars in the country, along with several prominent American jurists and lawyers, as well as several international scholars gathered in Winston-Salem to discuss and critique the Third Restatement of Torts. Coverage included duty, negligence, proximate cause, duties to rescue, emotional harm, land possessor duties and causation. The causation session addressed a controversial section on proof of causation in toxic substances cases.

"This is a path-breaking program," Law School Dean Blake Morant said during his opening remarks. "This Third Restatement of Torts really symbolizes what I think is going to be the thinking that


what happens in the profession."

Officers of The American Law Institute, including Director Lance Liebman, were in attendance, as well as the two reporters who have completed this project, William C. Powers Jr., president of the University of Texas, and Law Professor Michael Green of Wake Forest University.

"ALI is very proud of this event. Mike (Green) has shown an extraordinary commitment to ALI and this project. This is a very important moment for ALI. The work on torts never stops, the hard question is which aspects of torts still need to be restated? Our gratitude to Bill (Powers) and Mike is just immense. But the work of figuring out the law does not end."