Katie Serfas wins 38th annual George K. Walker Moot Court Competition

First-year law student Katie Serfas was declared the winner of the 38th Annual George K. Walker Moot Court Competition on Friday, April 17.

“Representing Plaintiff Angela Dixon, Serfas showcased her significant talents and skillfully answered questions from a hot bench,” said Moot Court Chief Justice Brian Conley.

Kelly Beth Bowker was the competition’s runner-up. “Kelly Beth was equally fantastic in her presentation and ability to answer questions,” Conley said.

More than 100 students entered the student-run competition, which is held each spring for first-year law students. Each student wrote a brief and argued twice, once “on-brief” and once “off-brief.” After two weeks, 20 students were invited to join Moot Court, and the top 16 competed in the following week in an elimination tournament leading up to the final round. “I can honestly say we Moot Court members were blown away by the level of competition,” Conley said.

The final round was judged by Chief Judge Louise W. Flanagan from the Eastern District of North Carolina, Chief Judge Robert J. Conrad Jr. from the Western District of North Carolina, and Judge Frank D. Whitney from the Western District of North Carolina. “All three judges were very impressed with Katie and Kelly Beth and enjoyed their time at Wake Forest,” Conley said.

The award for Best Oralist of the competition went to Luke Macdowall. Meggan Bushee was the runner-up for Best Oralist.

The award for Best Brief of the competition wasgiven to Douglas Ansel, with Rob Zawrotny finishing as the runner-up.

The 2009 Debbie Parker Moot Court Service Award was awarded to third-year law student Jessica Skarin.