Students name 2009 Teacher of the Year

Professor Jennifer Collins has been selected by the third-year class to be honored with the Wake Forest University School of Law Student Bar Association’s Jurist Excellence in Teaching Award. Collins joined the Wake Forest faculty in 2003 and she was recently promoted from associate to full professor.

Collins specializes in issues involving families and the criminal justice system such as the prosecution of parents who are responsible for their children’s deaths. She teaches criminal law, criminal procedure, family law, and gender and the law. Most recently, Collins co-authored a book, “Privilege or Punish:Criminal Justice and the Challenge of Family Ties,” which was published by Oxford University Press this spring.

Prior to joining Wake Forest, she served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the District of Columbia for more than seven years, where she specialized in homicide cases.

Third-year students Leslie Wagner and Todd Kostyshak had this to say: “Professor Collins goes out of her way to develop a relationship with her students that makes them feel comfortable both in and out of the classroom.Students never hesitate to volunteer and speak their minds, making her classes some of the most engaging and lively. Professor Collins incorporates music and videos into her lesson plans to help illustrate often complex issues. Outside of class, Professor Collins’ door is always open to students. She welcomes students into her office to discuss anything from class material to career options to pop culture. It didn’t come as a surprise to anyone (except Professor Collins) when she won the award.”