National Trial Team wins regionals after law school alumni help save competition

The Wake Forest University School of Law National Trial Team has won the regional round of the National Trial Competition. Each university taking part entered two teams of three students in the competition, which began Thursday, Feb. 11, despite the inclement weather in Atlanta due to snow.

In the first round, the Wake Forest teams drew both Emory University teams. The second round was set to begin on the night of Friday, Feb. 12, and the Wake Forest teams were both going against University of Georgia. Snow, however, forced the cancellation of the event. As competition officials were considering canceling the rest of the rounds due to the weather, the team was able to help prevent a cancellation by recruiting local Wake Forest law school alumni to be backup judges. Bob Butter, Taylor Anderson, Alex Reyes, Katie Merrell, Sharon Reiss, Julie Loring and Chris Walker were among the volunteer judges.

Competition resumed on Saturday, Feb. 13, when Aindrea Alderson (‘10) and Colie DuPré (’10) defeated the first of two teams from the University of North Carolina. The pair defeated the other UNC team in the finals the next day to win the regional competition and advance to the National Finals in Dallas.

Students who took part in the regional competition were: Alderson, DuPré, Charlie Mellies (‘11), who will also travel to take part in the national finals, Aaron Berlin (‘10), Michael Capone (‘10), Kelly Beth Bowker (‘11), Katie Serfas (‘11), Luke MacDowall (‘11), and Amy Puckett (‘11). The National Trial Team is coached by Danielle Williams (’96) and Stephanie Reese (’96).

"The alumni were great," Alderson said. "We called them on Friday afternoon and we got them to come the next day in the snow. Also, no alumni judged our rounds. They only judged schools they were not from."

– By Will Johnston