Tim Wyatt (’10) wins writing competition

A third-year student at the Wake Forest University School of Law has won the inaugural Court of Federal Claims Bar Association writing competition.

Timothy R. Wyatt (’10) will receive $1,500 for his paper: “In Search of ‘Reasonable Compensation’: Patent Infringement by Defense Contractors with the Authorization and Consent of the U.S. Government.”

The paper, said Wyatt, talks about the use of patented technology by the U.S. military and whether anyone is obligated to pay the patent owner for using the intellectual property.

“The defense contractor who infringes the patent is often immune from liability, because its use of the patent is in the national interest,” he said. “My paper demonstrates how, in recent years, the courts have further eroded the patent owner’s rights by not requiring the government to pay her any royalties.”

The Court of Federal Claims Bar Association, a nonprofit public interest organization, introduced the writing competition within the past year as a means of pursuing its educational mission of broadening the public’s knowledge of the Court of Federal Claims and its unique jurisdiction, a news release said.

“We received many thoughtful papers on a diverse set of topics, including the implications of the Omnibus Autism Proceedings and the Truth in Negotiation Act as it relates to government contracts,” the release said. “However, Mr. Wyatt’s paper was judged best. The judges found it well-written, informative and on a topic squarely within the Court’s jurisdiction.”

Judges awarded only one prize this year, and students from law schools across the country submitted papers.