Wake Forest team has successful showing in 2010 National Trial Team Competition

A team from the Wake Forest University School of Law came within a point of advancing to the quarterfinals of the National Trial Competition held March 24-27 in Dallas.

The Wake Forest National Trial Team included: Aindrea Alderson, Nicole Dupre, Charlie Mellies, Aaron Berlin, Michael Capone, Kelly Beth Bowker, Luke MacDowell, Amy Puckett and Katie Serfas. Danielle Williams and Stephanie Reese served as the coaches.

As part of the competition, each team completes three rounds that include a plaintiff, defense and a power match. Each of the eight teams that advance to the quarterfinals must compile two wins and six ballots.

The Wake Forest group of Alderson, Dupre and Mellies completed three successful rounds before it won two rounds and five of six ballots the following day. The outstanding showing led to a “power match,” which included a new trial exhibit. The team received high scores in all of the three subsequent rounds.

This year, 28 teams from 26 colleges and universities took part in the competition, which was established in 1975. Schools represented included Kentucky, Yale, Villanova, Duquesne and Northwestern universities. Perennial powerhouse Stetson beat Stanford to earn the 2010 title.

Coaches Williams and Reese said the Wake Forest team member’s “skills, passion, presence and professionalism will last far beyond the courtroom walls on the second floor of Worrell Professional Center and will carry them through the trials of their careers. We wish Aindrea, Nicole, Aaron and Michael well on their careers and look forward to capitalizing on Charlie, Kelly Beth, Amy and Luke’s experience to return Wake Forest to the National Trial Competition in 2011.”

The National Trial Competition was established to encourage and strengthen students advocacy skills through quality competition and valuable interaction with members of the bench and bar, its Web site said. “The program is designed to expose law students to the nature of trial practice and to serve as a supplement to their education. It is the Texas Young Lawyers Association intent to provide a meaningful contribution to the development of future trial lawyers.”