Wake Forest University hosts panel discussion over controversial Arizona immigration law

Wake Forest University will host a panel, “Arizona Senate Bill 1070: One State’s Attempt to Curb Illegal Immigration,” on Tuesday, Sept. 21.  The event is at 7 p.m. in Pugh Auditorium at the Benson University Center. It is free and open to the public.

Co-sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the School of Law, the debate will host a panel featuring Debra Conrad, vice chair of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners; Dr. Nolo Martinez, assistant director for Research and Outreach and interim director for the Center for New North Carolinians-Cross Cultural Challenges; Carlos Flores-Vizcarra, Mexican Consul for the Carolinas; Sheriff William Schatzman; and Margaret Taylor, professor of law at the law school.

“This panel will discuss the impact of the new controversial immigration  law upon illegal and legal immigrants and  whether the law encourages racial profiling,” said Beth Hopkins, director of outreach for the law school. “We hope that after hearing the position of the panelists, citizens will be informed fully of  the legal challenges of the new Arizona immigration statute.”

The forum will focus on the controversial Arizona immigration law AB1070, which allows state law enforcement officials to ask individuals for proof of their citizenship. The law is one of the strictest anti-illegal immigration acts in years, sparking considerable media attention and controversy. Critics have called for boycotts of Arizona and protests have broken out in more than 70 U.S. cities, while polling has found that the law carries majority support in both Arizona and the United States a whole.

Other sponsors of the program include the law school’s Public Interest Initiative and Pro Bono Program, Wake Forest College Democrats and College Republicans, the Latin American and Latino Studies Program as well as the Organization of Latin American Students.