Wake Forest Law Review to launch new Forum website

The Wake Forest Law Review is launching a companion website where scholars write short response articles to pieces published in the print-edition of the Law Review.

Scholars can read the print-edition articles online and then respond on the new Forum website. The responses will then be linked back to the article.

“We are planning to launch the Forum website this spring semester,” said Robbie Samuel (’11), Executive Forum Editor of the Law Review.

Wake Forest Law Review editors decided to launch the website as a way to make shorter and more accessible articles by prominent law scholars more easily available, Samuel explained.

A number of the top 50 law reviews have launched similar websites.

“Wake Forest will be part of the first wave of this type of forum,” Samuel said. “Law review articles have gotten so long, some authors are publishing 70-page articles. If we have a short review, scholars can write a short response to a longer article.”

Samuel added that the new Forum will also increase the Wake Forest Law Review’s exposure as well as help the publication increase its involvement in academic dialogue with prominent scholars.

Once it is live, the Forum link will be on the Law Review website homepage. For more information, contact Samuel.