David McConnell (’84) named director of Appellate Litigation at the Department of Justice’s Office of Immigration Litigation

David McConnell (’84) was recently named director of Appellate Litigation at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Immigration Litigation.

The Office of Immigration Litigation (OIL) is responsible for the nationwide coordination of all civil litigation involving immigration matters before the federal district courts and circuit courts of appeals, according to McConnell.

The Appellate Section (OIL Appellate), which McConnell is now heading, defends the government in every immigration-related petition for review filed in the United States Courts of Appeals.  OIL also provides support and counsel to all federal agencies involved in the admission, regulation, and removal of aliens under our immigration and nationality statutes, as well as related areas of border enforcement and national security.

Petitions for review of immigration-related cases now account for 12 percent of all federal appeals currently being filed nationwide.

Professor Margaret Taylor, who teaches immigration law at Wake Forest University, notes:  “The Department of Justice’s Office of Immigration Litigation plays an important role in the development of immigration policy.  Dave McConnell’s appointment as director of Appellate Litigation places him at the center of this important national debate.  Wake  Forest law school is unique, in that all of our students are required to take Administrative Law.  And our students can see the importance of their study—and of our new Metropolitan Externship program in Washington, D.C.—when they see alumni such as Dave McConnell assume leadership roles in various administrative agencies.”