Professor Chris Coughlin earns 2011 Teaching Innovation Award

Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Chris Coughlin

Chris Nero Coughlin is a recipient of the Joseph Branch Award for Excellence in Teaching and a two-time recipient of the Graham Award for Excellence in Teaching Legal Research and Writing.

The Wake Forest University Teaching and Learning Center has awarded the 2011 Teaching Innovation Award to law Professor Chris Coughlin.

Coughlin received the award for a course she developed this spring, “Legal Methods for Medical Professionals.”  The course enabled fourth-year medical school students to do a one month “rotation” in the law school. 

The purpose of the course was to provide fourth-year medical students with an understanding of the fundamental of legal methods and analysis, with a particular focus on health-related issues that will affect their medical residency and future practice. 

The committee stated that it was impressed by the way in which the course brought together students from the medical and law schools in an interactive pedagogical environment.