Third-year students name Professor Charley Rose 2011 Teacher of the Year

Photo of Professor Charley Rose

Charley Rose is one of the favorite law teachers of generations of Wake Forest graduates. He is a 10-time winner of the Jurist Excellence in Teaching Award and winner of the Joseph Branch Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2005.

Professor Charley Rose has been selected by the third-year class to be honored with the Wake Forest University School of Law Student Bar Association’s Jurist Excellence in Teaching Award.

Rose is one of the favorite law teachers of generations of Wake Forest graduates.  This latest honor makes him a nine-time winner of the Jurist Excellence in Teaching Award. He was also awarded the Joseph Branch Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2005.

Rose originated the successful “Conversation with . . .” program, designed to bring experienced lawyers to the school as role models to share their stories in an informal setting with the students. He also served for 20 years as the advisor to the National Moot Court Team, including advising the team that won the National Championship in 1986.

Rose taught at the University of Akron Law School prior to joining the Wake Forest faculty, and he has been a visiting professor at the Duke Law School and the University of Puget Sound School of Law.  He serves as an Elder and Clerk of Session for the Shallowford Presbyterian Church.  Before entering law school teaching, Charley served as Staff Attorney at the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, Ohio, and as instructor in the United States Army JAG School and the United States Army Infantry School.

“This award is a particularly meaningful tribute to a person devoted to teaching,” he wrote in an e-mail to the third-year students. “I am one of those lucky folks who discovered something to do with my life that is more calling than job.  To be recognized by folks such as yourselves for my efforts is especially rewarding.  My hope is that each of you have the good fortune to find a calling that you truly enjoy.


“I am particularly honored to have been selected from the good company of those who make up the Wake Forest Law faculty.  I know how committed all of my colleagues are to teaching.  The strong interest in teaching is a quality of the Wake Forest Law School that I value highly.


“In the same way, I value the strong quality of the students it is my privilege to teach.  The Class of 2011 has been a wonderful class to teach and to get to know.  At the awarding of the diplomas yesterday I was taken with the smiles and good feeling displayed by each of you as you came forward to receive your degree and as you warmly greeted Melanie.  Your contributions to the life of the law school are a tribute to your class particularly and are in the tradition of the Wake Forest I have come to know.  Your work on journals and moot court teams as well as your active participation in the life of the school have been wonderful.  You impress me as a professional and classy group of young professionals who will make the world a better place.”