One on One: Race Summit Organizer Timothy Davis Talks NCAA

Photo of Professor Tim Davis

Professor Tim Davis is one the country’s best known sports law scholars.

“Losing to Win: Discussions of Race and Intercollegiate Sports,” a two-day conference hosted by Wake Forest University in April, was billed as the largest summit of its kind.

But the discussion ranged into several non-race-specific areas — from student-athlete exploitation to head injuries. Wake sociology professor Earl Smith and law professor Timothy Davis spent more than a year assembling leading authorities to examine, as Davis puts it, “the world of college sports that we don’t like to think about and oftentimes don’t like to talk about.”

Papers authored by conference presenters will appear in Wake Forest’s Journal of Law & Policy, to be published early next year. Paul Steinbach asked Davis, a member of the board of advisors for the National Sports Law Institute and co-author of The Business of Sports Agents, to talk about three issues facing the NCAA.

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