Professor Ralph Peeples offers ideas for debt-limit debaters

Photo of Professor Ralph Peeples

Ralph Peeples has distinguished himself as teacher and scholar. Ralph is a four-time winner of an Excellence in teaching award at Wake. He is among a small group of scholars nationally that employ empirical methodologies to study and evaluate the legal system.

A professor at Wake Forest University School of Law who has taught classes on resolving disputes, Ralph Peeples knows a thing or two about conflict resolution and mediating intractable problems.

The Rev. Margaret Leinbach, a Moravian minister who works as an “intentional interim pastor” often serving churches in disputes, also is familiar with emotional disagreements.

Like a lot of Americans these days, both have been following with interest (and horror) as the different sides in Washington yammer at each other while dragging the country to the brink of financial calamity.

And since the honorables in our nation’s capital — we use the term “honorables” loosely — can’t seem to get along, it seemed like fun to ask some professionals whether they have any advice.

“Gee, thanks,” Peeples said. “Why couldn’t you ask about something simple, like the Arabs and Israelis?”

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