Law school launches a ‘Prospective Professor Program’

The Wake Forest University School of Law has launched a new “Prospective Professor Program.” 


Under the guidance of Associate Dean of Research and Development Jonathan Cardi, the program aims to give students information and guidance toward pursuing a career in law teaching or administration. 


 “The program encourages and informs students who might have an interest in one day becoming a law professor, a research and writing professor, a clinical professor, or a law school administrator,” Cardi explained.  “We have had a surprising number of students sign up for the program, about 30 so far.”


 As part of the program, students are assigned a faculty member mentor, who will meet with them periodically to help guide the students in making academic and employment choices to maximize their chances of getting academic jobs in the future.


 The program will also offer panel discussions during the fall and spring semesters on “How to Get a Job in Academia” as well as participation in the faculty’s Speaker Series, which is made up of scholarly talks given by professors, both in-house and from other law schools.


“The pathway to these careers is unique and requires careful planning starting right now, during law school,” Cardi added.