Professor Tim Davis quoted in Orlando Sentinel regarding image of black athletes

Photo of Professor Tim Davis

Professor Tim Davis is one the country’s best known sports law scholars.

Journalists and sports pundits alike have criticized, analyzed and hypothesized about why the system of college sports is breaking down at length in the past week. But we’ve been ignoring a big black elephant in the room.

High profile football players caught in the center of booster controversies are disproportionately African American.

USC’s Reggie Bush, Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant, Georgia’s A.J. Green, Alabama’s Marcell Dareus, Auburn’s Cam Newton and the latest poster child of “amorality” in sports, Terrelle Pryor of Ohio State, have all become infamous for proven — or sometimes unproven — cases of having friends with benefits.

We’ve seen public disgust directed at these athletes and now even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is exposing his frustration with NCAA rule-breaking by punishing Pryor with a five-game suspension.

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