LLM students pursue diverse legal paths

Photo of Janine Reder of Germany speaks during the LLM Women in Law Panel on Oct. 5.

Janine Reder of Germany speaks during the LLM Women in Law Panel on Oct. 5.

LL.M. students, Janine Reder of Germany, Mio Ukita of Japan, Juliana Barbosa of Brazil, and Munkhselenge Purevdorj of Mongolia, discussed what it is like to be female law students and attorneys in their home countries at the third LL.M. Women in Law Panel on Oct. 5.  This event was co-sponsored by the WFU Women in Law and International Graduate Programs.

The four presenters are at different stages in their careers and have pursued diverse paths in the legal profession.  Reder completed the qualifications to work as a Jurist in Germany just before coming to the U.S., Ukita has worked as an in-house attorney at Kao Corporation for more than two years, Barbosa has completed several legal internships in the U.S. and Brazil, and Purevdorj is a lecturer at the National University of Mongolia School of Law. 

“It was interesting to hear their educational and practical experiences with such different backgrounds,” said Holly Hedgecock, director of international programs.   

After the women made their presentations, the audience was allowed to ask questions. Suzanne Reynolds, the Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, asked all of them to comment on the differences they have observed between law school in their countries and U.S. law schools.  They all commented that there was not as much dialogue between professors and students in their undergraduate classes and that the professors are more approachable here in the U.S., but tuition is much more expensive at American law schools.

“Like previous panels, this event was a great learning and networking opportunity for both the international and American students at WFU and provided J.D. students with a better understanding of legal education around the world and of their international peers,” Hedgecock said.  “Despite competing with the always popular Sports and Entertainment Law presentation, the Women in Law Panel was very well attended by J.D. students, fellow LL.M.s, and faculty members.”