Jay Shively, assistant dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, gives tips to prospective law students in U.S. News and World Report

Jay Shively, assistant dean of admissions and financial aid at Wake Forest University School of Law, says he tells applicants in the story, “5 Tips for Current or Prospective Law School Students in a Difficult Economy,” to ignore law schools’ self-declared specializations, because many students change their minds about what kind of law they want to practice after graduation.

The header of Third Tier Reality states that the blog exposes the “ugly realities” of law school. Paul Campos, a University of Colorado—Boulder Law School professor, writes a blog called Inside the Law School Scam, and Above the Law regularly covers topics such as law school “admissions fraud” and unemployment rates among young J.D.’s.

Whether a result or a symptom of the disparaging views of legal education and the job market, recent data from the Law School Admissions Council suggest that the number of law school applications dropped 11 percent this fall. Despite this trend and the competitive job market, some experts still advise people to apply to law school.

Here are five ways applicants and law students can maximize their opportunities, according to writer Menachem Wecker and his sources.