Student Profile: Matthew D. McClellan (’12)

Photo of Matthew D. McClellan ('12)

Matthew D. McClellan ('12)

Matthew D. McClellan (’12) is the Student Bar Association president and was a member of the winning Comerford & Britt National Trial Team. He is a  contributor to the law school’s Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law blog and served as the Zeliff Competition Co-Chair during his second year of law school.

Q&A with Matthew D. McClellan (’12)

Hometown: Fork, South Carolina

Undergraduate school and major: College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C. Media Studies Communication.

Why I chose Wake Forest School of Law: My experience with the admissions office and Melanie Nutt was refreshing and eased my fear of the “cutthroat” law school experience I was expecting. And then coming to the House Hunt and meeting some of my soon-to-be peers sealed the deal. Seeing that I would have the opportunity to be around great people with diverse backgrounds at an institution that is genuinely committed to student success, Wake Forest was the perfect fit for me.

Leadership positions I’ve held:
Student Bar Association, 2L Class Representative, President, and Sports and Entertainment Law Society Executive Board

Clinics or pro bono work I have been involved in: Litigation Clinic, Fall 2011

1L Summer Experience: ABA JIOP Clerkship, The Hon. Sandra Bean, Superior Court of California

 2L Summer Experience: Guilford County District Attorney’s Office

Memorable moment from law school: After winning the 1L Trial Bar competition, some of my classmates nicknamed me “Butter” based on judge’s comments from the semi-final and final rounds that I had a “soothing and buttery voice” and a “smooth and silky” style. The following week in Professor Taha’s Civil Procedure class, in calling on someone to discuss a case, he said, “I need someone with a smooth and silky voice to do this next case.” Everyone in class started laughing!

What I plan to do after graduation: I just submitted applications last week to graduate journalism programs. I’m still interested in criminal prosecution and IP practice, but just throwing media law in the mix, with legal analyst ambitions.

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Editor’s Note: Since this story was written, Matthew McClellan has been accepted into the graduate journalism program at Northwestern University for fall 2012.

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