Professor Sidney Shapiro’s research cited in case against ‘Economist’ report

The Economist‘s recent series on “Over-regulated America” (which it admits “draws on the ideas of Philip Howard,” a top Washington, D.C., corporate lawyer) gets regulation wrong by proposing “solutions” that won’t work and would jeopardize the safety, health and prosperity of all Americans.

It also recycles a gravely flawed study that has been thoroughly debunked by experts, but nevertheless continues to provide aid and comfort to the enemies of effective regulation.

For decades, critics of regulation – many of them funded by regulated industries who would prefer to have the option to pollute the environment, sell unsafe products and unclean food, or take advantage of consumers – have put forth a variety of justifications for sweeping deregulation. That a world economic crisis brought on by massive corporate misconduct in a deregulated industry continues to ruin lives across the globe deters them not at all.

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