Professor Mark Hall offers his firsthand impressions of the U.S. Supreme Court health care hearings

The room was packed and buzzing with excitement. Some people clearly had slept outside last night. Even some of the attorneys general from the challenger states had to stand in line to get in. In the way into the building, I spotted none other than Ken Cuccinelli, attorney general of Virginia and lead party in the Fourth Circuit case. Sitting in my same row in the courtroom was a virtual quorum of the Senate Finance Committee, including Senators Leahy, Baucus, Grassley, and Kerry.

Solicitor General Verrilli encountered some forceful challenges early on in his presentation In particular, Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia and Alito raised concerns about the slippery slope problem, citing examples such as burial insurance, gym membership, and mandatory cell phones to help with police emergencies.

Perhaps one of the most memorable exchanges, and certainly one that will resonate in the media, involved a question from Justice Scalia asking Solicitor General Verrilli to define the market.  

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