Professor Michael Green participates in workshop in Catalonia, Spain

Professor Michael Green particpated in a workshop, “”Uncertainty and Mass Torts: Causation and Proof,” at the Universitat Girona in Catalonia, Spain, March 7-9. 

The workshop focused on the rise of mass tort litigation, the act of many similarly-injured plaintiffs suing against a single defendant party. As its title suggests, the conference specifically examined the origin of such suits, as well as the sufficiency of evidence to rule in favor of the plaintiff in such cases. 

Professor Green’s speech fell on the first day of the proceedings, which focused on the overarching issue of standards of proof applicable to these cases. His speech is titled “Admissibility Versus Sufficiency: Controlling the Quality of Expert Witness Testimony in the United States.” Within the paper, Green argues that it is best to view the admissibility of expert testimony as evidence in mass tort cases as sufficiency of evidence arguments, adding that most courts do in fact make use of this approach when making admissibility decisions.

 Speakers from across the United States and Europe attended the workshop. The other American attendees include Jane Stapleton of the University of Texas, Richard W. Wright of the Chicago-Kent College of Law, and Susan Haack from the University of Miami.