Wake Forest law school offers new one-year graduate program in legal studies

Have you thought about studying law as a way to continue your liberal education and cross a bridge into the professional world? 

The Wake Forest School of Law is offering a one-year Master of Studies in Law (MSL) program beginning in the Fall 2012 semester. 

The MSL program offers an integrated understanding of law useful in many professional settings.  Through an innovative curriculum that explores the core concepts of law, students gain new perspectives on contemporary business, politics and society.

The two-semester residential MSL program is designed for college graduates interested in career paths in which law is relevant – such as accounting, business, corporate compliance, criminal justice, education, health care, human relations, intellectual property, international trade, journalism, finance, non-profit organizations, politics, public health, regulatory affairs, or sustainability.

MSL students take a specially-designed core curriculum taught by Wake Forest law professors and also enroll in elective upper-level law courses with JD students to further their career goals.   Like other graduate programs, the MSL program requires a thesis (or seminar paper) under the supervision of a faculty adviser.

Although MSL graduates do not practice law, their MSL degree allows them to hone their skills in critical reading, writing and thinking. The result is an awareness, confidence and discipline to solve problems in today’s many challenging and changing professional settings.

Find more information on the Wake Forest MSL program, including curriculum, faculty, tuition/financial aid, and admissions process here.  Or if you have questions, email them to  msl@wfu.edu.