Professor Carol Anderson tells WFMY the John Edwards trial jury deliberations are going to take a long time

Greensboro, N.C. — Day three of deliberations and still no verdict in the John Edwards Campaign Finance Trial. 

Jurors deliberated all day Tuesday, only taking a 90-minute lunch break. Just before they went home for the day, jurors asked to see two more prosecution exhibits. One was a letter from Alex Forger to Andrew Young. The other was a letter from Forger to Bunny Mellon. Forger is Mellon’s attorney.

 Nearly every exhibit jurors have requested has been somehow connected to Bunny Mellon’s money. So what could possibly be taking so long? We turned to Wake Forest University Law Professor Carol Anderson for an idea. She said, “Some jurors may feel a deep seeded need to punish him, for telling lies, for being an unfaithful husband, and other jurors may not feel the need to do that.”

Anderson just published a book called “Inside Juror’s Minds: The Hierarchy of Juror Decision Making.” She said these three days may be just the beginning. “I think this case will take a long time. Particularly, since jurors are obviously trying to carefully review the evidence. And they’re gonna have to answer to their friends and neighbors in Greensboro.”

Deliberations start again at 9:30 Wednesday morning.

Watch the video here.