Professor Margaret Taylor is interviewed by Fox News regarding webcam spying case

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. –  Dharun Ravi, the 20-year-old convicted of hate crimes in the Rutgers University webcam spying case, faces the possibility of deportation in addition to multiple years in prison when he is sentenced Monday.

But legal experts say Ravi’s situation is far from an “open-and-shut” deportation case, and that the government may not even have the power to remove him from the US due to the complex and novel legal issues surrounding his conviction.

Jurors found the former Rutgers student guilty on several counts of bias intimidation — a hate crime — in addition to invasion of privacy and hindering his police investigation after determining he was motivated by a dislike of homosexuals when he streamed a romantic encounter between his roommate, Tyler Clementi, and an older man on the internet.

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