Brittany Sajbel (’12) chosen as finalist in Carolina Bride Get Fit Challenge

On May 14, I got news that almost upstaged my graduation from law school one week later: I was a finalist for the Carolina Bride Get Fit Challenge. Sure, graduating was great, but Wake Forest wasn’t going to send me to the Bahamas.

After I got the big news, I started thinking, “How am I going to lose weight this week when everyone’s drinking and celebrating?” Then I read the email a bit more carefully—the first weigh-in wasn’t for 18 more days. Eighteen glorious, chub-inducing, reckless days later.

So I ate.

And ate.

And ate.

Any weight loss ideas I had ever had tanked faster than “Battleship” did on opening weekend.

My mind worked under two pretenses: 1) I couldn’t afford to lose weight before the first weigh-in, and 2) if I happened to gain weight, that would be all right in a competition where the prize is based on total percentage of weight lost. The more I weighed by June 1st, the greater percentage it would be to hit my goal weight.

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