Manuel Moctezuma (’04) joins Mexico City law firm as named partner

LL.M. alumnus Manuel Moctezuma (’04)  has joined the law firm of Chalela, Enriquez y Moctezuma, S.C., as a named partner. The firm, located in Mexico City, seeks to combine the best traditional principles of the legal profession with an innovative and flexible perspective in accordance with modern globalism trends, while also offering practical and reliable solutions to diverse and complex legal necessities.

In 2001, Moctezuma earned a J.D. degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana. He then went on to earn an LL.M. degree in American Law from Wake Forest University School of Law. Moctezuma is a member of the National Hispanic Bar Association, and has been on the Board of Directors of the Hispanic Bar Association of Houston since 2006. In 2011, Moctezuma also joined Greenspoint District Houston as a Board Member of the International Economic Development Advisory Council.

Manuel Moctezuma ('04)

Manuel Moctezuma ('04)

Moctezuma has more than 15 years of legal practice in the fields of transactional law, arbitration and litigation. He has practiced at leading law firms in both Mexico and the United States, and has sucessfuly represented corporations from a wide array of countries, including Brazil, China, Japan, France and Ecuador.

Moctezuma focuses his transactional practice on “structure, documenting, and negotiating domestic and international business transactions in real estate, energy, shopping, aviation, services and construction, and representing and developing strategies for clients in cross-border joint ventures and acquistions.”

In addition, Moctezuma has extensive experience with arbitration and litigation. He has practiced law in all states and courts in Mexico, and has sucessfully enforced multimillion-dollar foreign judgements in civil and commercial matters. A stand-out case for Moctezuma involved representing a French publicly traded company in their efforts to build Line 12 of the Mexico City subway system. Moctezuma was able to assist the company in negotiating a multimillion-dollar contract awarded by the Mexico City government.

Furthermore, Moctezuma has been appointed in numerous instances as an expert witness in Mexican law with respect of taking of evidence in civil and commerical matters to be used in foreign judicial and arbitration proceedings. Two memorable instances for Moctezuma involved advising a Fortune 500 manufacturing and security services company in a number of arbitration proceedings, as well as assisting a U.S. client in a commerical litigation matter in Texas, which derived a verdict exceeding 100 million dollars in his client’s favor.

Moctezuma is also an avid contributor to the South Texas College of Law, and has spoken at numerous CLE presentations in both Mexico and the United States of America on Mexican law.

Moctezuma has previously published an article in an edition of Currents– International Trade Law Journal, and several articles he has contributed to have already been published by the American Bar Association. Most recently, Manuel’s article entitled “Mexican Oil Law: Protecting Foreign Investors Through International Arbitration Agreements” appeared in the summer 2001 edition of the ABA’s Section of Litigation newsletter. In the piece, Moctezuma discusses legal developments regarding the right of private parties to resolve disputes with Pemex, the state-owned oil company, through international arbitration.