Law school welcomes its newest group of international students

The Wake Forest University School of Law welcomed its newest group of international students during Orientation on Aug. 18-26.

“This is the largest group of international students that we have ever had at Wake Forest University School of Law,” said Holly Hedgecock, director of international programs. “This is also the first year we have had students from Kosovo, Colombia, and Nicaragua, which will add to the diversity of the School of Law and our growing group of alumni.”

2012-2013 Student Biographies – International Graduate Programs

Mr. Yaser Alasim (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Mr. Alasim earned a Bachelor of Laws degree in Islamic Law and a master’s degree in Islamic Jurisprudence from Al-Imam Ibn Saud Islamic University. He has worked as a Lecturer at Al Karj University and a Sharia Compliance Manager at the Saudi British Bank (the Saudi branch of HSBC Bank) in Riyadh. In the latter position, Mr. Alasim ensured that bank products and services complied with the principles of Islamic finance and worked with members of Sharia boards in other banks. He was appointed to become a Judge by Royal Decree in 2006, but opted to pursue an LL.M. in the United States instead. He earned his first LL.M. degree from Valparaiso University, where he was a founding member of the Saudi Student Association. He is coming to Wake Forest to pursue his second LL.M. degree. Mr. Alasim intends to return to Saudi Arabia to participate in restructuring the structure of the Islamic Jurisprudence in the future.

Mr. Fares Aldhubiban (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Mr. Aldhubiban was the Director of Administration and the Legal Department for the International Construction Holding (ICH) Co., where he was responsible for writing and reviewing contracts between ICH and other companies. Mr. Aldhubiban has a Bachelor of Laws degree from King Abdulaziz University. During his undergraduate studies, he worked as an intern lawyer at Alshami & Kurdi Law Firm. Before coming to WFU, he attended the English Language Institute at California State University and served as an English language tutor for refugees from different countries at the International Rescue Committee in Sacramento. He has also earned a Diploma of English Language from Pacific Language Institute in Toronto. After earning an LL.M. degree, Mr. Aldhubiban plans to return to Saudi Arabia to revolutionize his country’s business laws.

Mr. Assel Aljaied (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

After earning an LL.B. degree from King Abdulaziz University, Mr. Aljaied became a member of the teaching staff at the Institute of Public Administration, which trains government employees in Riyadh. He was promoted to the Department of Planning and Development, where he researched methods to improve the educational training provided to current and future government employees. Mr. Aljaied served as Chairman of the Law Club and Secretary of the Social Committee at King Abdulaziz University. He is eager to gain an understanding of the American legal system to help improve the law in Saudi Arabia.

Ms. Falastine Almallahi (Gaza City, Gaza Strip)

Ms. Almallahi is a Palestinian Rule of Law Fellow sponsored by the Open Society Institute. She is a Trainee Lawyer at Al-Zaeem Law Firm in Gaza and Vice Chairman of the Basmet Amal Association, which supports cancer patients. She is also a staff writer for “Relativity Online,” which seeks to promote global citizenry through the respect, awareness, and recognition of individual perspective. She received a Bachelor of Laws degree from Al-Azhar University. During her undergraduate studies, Ms. Almallahi volunteered for the Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association. She is most interested in human rights law and commercial law.

Mr. Ayman Alrefaie (Holy Makkah, Saudi Arabia)

Before coming to the United States to pursue ESL studies, Mr. Alrefaie was an Attorney in the Legal Department of Kinan International Real Estate Development Co., which is part of one of the largest and most successful companies in Saudi Arabia. While pursuing his law degree, Mr. Alrefaie interned in the Law Firm of Ghazi Alharbi for two years. He earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from King Abdulaziz University, where he was an active member in the Department of Law’s student club and organized one of the most successful seminars in the law school, entitled “How to Become a Successful Lawyer or Legal Adviser.” Mr. Alrefaie’s career goal is to become a judge or lawmaker in Saudi Arabia and to help develop the commercial law field in his home country. Mr. Alrefaie is beginning his second year as an LL.M. student at WFU.

Mr. Hassan Altukhayfi (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Mr. Altukhayfi earned an LL.B. in 2009 from King Saud University. Before coming to America, Mr. Altukhayfi worked at the Bureau of Experts for the Council of Ministers in Saudi Arabia. The Bureau reviews and drafts laws, regulations, international agreements, Royal Decrees, Council of Ministers’ resolutions, and other legal instruments. After earning an LL.M. degree, he plans to join a law department in a large firm or company that works with foreign companies, such as a bank or international company. Ultimately, he hopes to establish his own law firm.

Mr. Bernard Armoo (Leeds, United Kingdom)

Born in Ghana, Mr. Armoo moved to the United Kingdom as a teenager. He recently graduated with honors from Leeds Metropolitan University. As an undergraduate student, Mr. Armoo won the Leeds Metropolitan University Mooting Competition and, consequently, represented Leeds in the International Negotiation Competition and the National Mooting Competition. He was the Treasurer of the Student Law Society and volunteered for the Citizens Advise Bureau and Mediation Leeds. Mr. Armoo has also completed legal internships at Cobbetts LLP, Eversheds LLP, Walker Morris Solicitors, and Harrison Bundey Solicitors in England. After graduating from WFU, Mr. Armoo intends to return to the UK to begin the Legal Practice Course and ultimately gain employment with a top multinational law firm.

Mr. Ahmad Banaamah (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Mr. Banaamah received a Bachelor of Laws degree from King Abdulaziz University, one of the most prominent universities in Saudi Arabia. He focused on international law, commercial law, and criminal law. Mr. Banaamah is beginning his second year as an LL.M. student at WFU.



Mr. Shqipdon Fazliu (Gjilan, Kosovo)

Mr. Fazliu has come to Wake Forest as one of the first Justice Abroad Scholars sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Pristina and the U.S. Department of Justice. He is a Prosecutor at the Municipal Prosecution Office in Gjilan. Prior to taking this position, Mr. Fazliu worked for several years as the Legal Manager at Civil Rights Project- Kosovo (CRP/K), a human rights organization. He oversaw all of the organization’s legal issues and managed five regional offices and thirty-five lawyers. Mr. Fazliu received his Law Faculty degree from the University of Pristine and passed the bar exam to become a qualified lawyer. He is also a certified judge and prosecutor. Mr. Fazliu is eager to pursue an LL.M. degree to learn the differences between the American and Kosovar justice system. He would like to use the knowledge and experiences he gains at WFU to reform problems within the current Kosovar legal system.

Mr. Jiyu Fukakura (Kanagawa, Japan)

Mr. Fukakura is a member of the Legal Division of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., a major Japanese chemical company. He is responsible for drafting and reviewing domestic and international contracts, advising business departments and affiliated companies on a variety of legal issues, and overseeing all antitrust matters. He has lived in Brazil, where he participated in Mitsui’s establishment of a business headquarters in Sao Paulo. Mr. Fukakura has a Bachelor of Laws degree from Osaka University and recently earned an LL.M. degree from the University of California in Davis. He is coming to WFU to earn a second LL.M. degree before returning to his work at Mitsui in Japan. His career goal is to participate actively in the international business environment and Mitsui’s global business operations.

Ms. Catalina Garzon Serna (Medellin, Colombia)

Ms. Garzon is the law school’s first scholar from LASPAU, which administers the portion of the Fulbright Program that provides grants to individuals from Latin America and the Caribbean for graduate study in the United States. Ms. Garzon is a member of the Colombian Bar and the Legal Director of Personal Banking and Banking for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses at Bancolombia S.A. Previously, she was a Senior Lawyer at Leasing Bancolombia and a Lawyer at Banco de Occidente S.A. She has also taught Leasing Contracts (Banking Law) at Universidad CES. Ms. Garzon earned a degree in Law and Political Science and a post-graduate degree in Financial and Business Law from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana. She plans to focus her LL.M. studies on banking, corporate finance, and securities law. Because only six out of ten Colombian citizens have access to financial products, Ms Garzon’s goal is to return to Bancolombia and make financial products, such as savings accounts and loans, more accessible to everyone.

Ms. Amy Glover (Whitley Chapel, United Kingdom)

Ms. Glover recently earned a First Class Honors Degree in LL.B. Law with American Law from the University of East Anglia (UEA). At UEA, she received the Law School Prize for Exceptional Achievement in Academic Studies in 2012 and was the recipient of the Charles Herbert-Smith Prize for Highest Exam Results in 2009. She also served as the UEA Negotiations President to run the Law Society’s debate competitions and recruit students to the Society. As required by her LL.B. program, Ms. Glover spent one year as a non-degree visiting student at South Texas College of Law. During her exchange year, she interned in the Child Support Division of the Office of the Attorney General in Houston and completed short internships at Dechert LLP, White & Case LLP, and Mayer Brown International LLP. Ms. Glover also interned at Bousquet Law Firm in Houston, where she focused on oil and gas law. She attended Deusto University in Spain to pursue a diploma in International Trade Law, which peaked her interest in international commercial law.

Mr. Hafizullah Hamid (Mazar-e-sharif city, Afghanistan)

Mr. Hamid is coming to Wake Forest as a scholar from the Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan. He received a Bachelor of Science in Law and Political Science from Balkh University, where he graduated top in his class. He has over five years of experience with international organizations in Afghanistan, including working as a Legal Advisor for the Afghan Woman Services Foundation and a Legal Assistant and Translator for the United Nations Development Program. He has also served as an English teacher for various governmental institutions and international organizations. He is currently a Senior Legal Advisor in the Attorney General’s Office, which is a section of the Afghanistan Justice Sector Support Program funded by the US Department of State and the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. He plans to return to Afghanistan as a legal expert and hopes to become a law professor.

Ms. Yu Han (Heilongjiang, China)

Ms. Han earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from Heilongjiang University and was the recipient of several academic scholarships. She was the Head of the Rights of Interests Department of the Student Union in the law school and participated in the law school’s moot court competition. Prior to joining WFU’s LL.M. Program, Ms. Han was a full-time Intern Lawyer at Heilongjiang Beichen Law Firm, where she worked on an eleven year old case that was heard by the Supreme People’s Court. She has completed other internships at Harbin Railway Transportation Court and Harbin Railway Bureau. Ms. Han passed the National Bar Exam, which only 14 percent of test-takers passed and qualifies her to work as a lawyer in China. She is interested in international business, including corporate law, securities law, and international trade law. After earning an LL.M. degree, she hopes to apply for a JD program in the U.S. and then go on to work in a top Chinese or foreign law firm in Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong.

Ms. Mengfan He (Ningbo, China)

Ms. Mengfan earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from Hebei University of Economics and Business, where she also majored in International Economics and Trade. She was Vice President of the Youth Judicial Association and was named the “Most Valuable Debater” in her law school. She has completed several legal internships at Zhejiang Heyi Law Firm, in the Intellectual Property and Economic Chambers in the Intermediate People’s Court in Ningbo, and the Law Department of Veken Company and has published two articles in Chinese journals. She attended summer school at UC-Berkeley, where she took classes about Asian-American culture and international trade. She also attended a summer camp in Canada as a high school student. He is interested in business law and hopes expand global business for her father’s company.

Mr. Valon Kurtaj (Prizren, Kosovo)

Mr. Kurtaj has come to Wake Forest as one of the first Justice Abroad Scholars sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Pristina and the U.S. Department of Justice. He recently worked as a Legal Advisor for the District Prosecution office of the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX), where he provided legal advice to prosecutors and international legal officers regarding cases and the Kosovar legal framework. He has also worked as the National Legal Officer for an EU-sponsored project that focused on organized crime and corruption, Legal Officer at ProCredit Bank Kosovo, and Legal Assistant at the District Court of Prizren. Mr. Kurtaj graduated from the Faculty of Law from University of Prishtina, where he is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Civil Law. He passed Kosovo’s bar exam, recently completed the training program for judges and prosecutors at the Kosovo Judicial Institute, and has been nominated as judge in the Municipal Court of Prizren. Mr. Kurtaj intends to study the American justice system at Wake Forest University, specifically criminal law, criminal investigation, and international criminal law. His career goal is to become a judge in Kosovo.

Mr. Jun Luo (Hangzhou, China)

Mr. Luo recently earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from Macau University of Science and Technology. He performed well in his undergraduate studies, receiving the “Scholarship for Outstanding Students” every year. In addition to his studies, Mr. Luo completed internships at Zhuhai Intermediate People’s Court and Yuyao People’s Court and served as Minister of the Academic Department in which he organized debating contests. He plans to focus on international business and finance law at WFU and hopes to handle disputes between U.S. and Chinese companies in the future.

Mr. Kreshnik Radoniqi (Peja, Kosovo)

Mr. Radoniqi has come to Wake Forest as one of the first Justice Abroad Scholars sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Pristina and the U.S. Department of Justice. His most recent position was a Legal Advisor for the European Union Law (EULEX) Mission to Kosovo and was based in the District Court of Peja. He worked exclusively on serious criminal cases, specifically murder, organized crime, and war crimes. Previously, Mr. Radoniqi worked as a Senior Legal Officer at the Ministry of Ju tice where he was responsible for government litigation cases. He has also worked as a Defense Attorney for a private law firm, a Legal Advisor at AFK (Micro Financial Institution), and a Legal Assistant at the District Court of Peja. Mr. Radoniqi is a Faculty of Law graduate from the University of Prishtina and has passed the Kosovo bar exam. He recently completed the training program for judges and prosecutors at the Kosovo Judicial Institute and was appointed as a judge. He intends to return to Kosovo to be a judge after completing the LL.M. Program at WFU.

Mr. Young Bae Son (Daegu, South Korea)

Mr. Son has worked as a prosecutor for the last thirteen years in various positions and departments within the Korean government and has received the “Prosecutor of the Year” award twice. He has worked on criminal cases, human rights violations, patent cases, high-tech crimes, and white collar crimes. He is currently a Deputy Chief Prosecutor in the Law and Order Advancement Division in the Korean Ministry of Justice. Mr. Son received his Bachelor of Laws degree from Yonsei University and received two years of training at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. He later earned a Master’s degree in Commercial Law from Seoul National University. He was selected by the Korean government to participate in its Overseas Study Program to earn an LL.M. at Wake Forest, where he will focus his studies on the American criminal law system. Upon his return to Korea, Mr. Son will dedicate himself to developing effective measures to promote human rights and will pursue a career as a law professor.

Ms. Maria Travers de Paniagua (Nicaragua)

Ms. Travers de Paniagua is a member of the Nicaraguan Bar. She is the Program Community Coordinator of the City of Clinton, N.C., where she plans community programs, recruits and hires staff members, and created a Coalition called “SOLIS” (Saving Our Lives In Sampson), which focuses on prevention of drunk driving. She is also an Instructor at Sampson Community College, where she teaches Career Development and Assessment, Internet Basics, and Medical Office Skills in Spanish. Before moving to the U.S., Ms. Travers de Paniagua worked as an Attorney and Notary Public in the Civil and Mercantile Litigation department in the Law Office of Managua and as an Environmental Legislation Consultant for the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor of the United Nations’ Program for Development in Nicaragua. Ms. Travers de Paniagua earned a law degree from the Autonomous National University of Nicaragua. During her undergraduate studies, she interned as a Judicial Assistant for the Second District Crime Judge and as a Legal Assistant for the President of the National Assembly’s Human Rights Commission.

Ms. Yucheng Wang (Shanghai, China)

Ms. Wang recently earned a Bachelors of Laws degree from Shanghai University. She was named the 2011 Excellent Student Leader and was a member of the Debate Association. She was also one of twelve students selected to participate in the China Future Leadership Project at Harvard, Stanford, and UCLA, where she attended lectures and seminars at each of the schools. Before graduation, Ms. Wang completed an internship at the Juvenile Criminal Case Division at Changning District Procuratorate in Shanghai. She has also completed other legal internships at Baiwangqing Community Mediation Studio and Hands on Shanghai, a non-governmental organization. Her career goal is to become a legal practitioner to protect the rights of teenagers and to help improve juvenile law in China.

Ms. Xueying Xu (Beijing, China)

Ms. Xu recently received a Bachelor of Laws degree from Peking University. She was active in various extracurricular activities, including the Law School’s Department of Sports and Entertainment, the “Loving Heart Society,” and the Red Cross Association. During her undergraduate studies, Ms. Xu completed internships in the Hengfeng Law Firm of Lhasa, Tibet, the People’s Procuratorate of Chengguan District of Lhasa, and the People’s Procuratorate of Haidian District of Beijing.

Mr. Mauricio Zuluaga (Medellin, Colombia)

Mr. Zuluaga, who has been a member of the Colombian Bar since 2003, is the Partner and Director of Estrategias Legales, where he advises small and medium-sized companies on business, tax, and social security law. He is also a professor in the School of Accounting at EAFIT University in Medellin and teaches classes in corporate law and taxation. Mr. Zuluaga earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and received graduate certificates with specializations in Financial Law and Tax Law from the Universidad del Rosario. After earning an LL.M. degree, he will return to Colombia to work with his current corporate clients who are investing in companies and, as a professor, to pass on his knowledge to his students. Ultimately, he hopes to advise Latin American corporations in their dealings with markets in the US, Europe, and China.


Mr. Giacomo Bertolissi

Mr. Bertolissi is a law student at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. He has studied English at universities in the United States, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. He has come to Wake Forest University School of Law to complete research for his thesis entitled, “Economic Crisis and Welfare State Changes” and to compare the Italian and American legal systems. Bertolissi will be visiting WFU through November of 2012.


Mr. Jeong Soo Hur (Seoul, Korea)

Mr. Hur is a Public Prosecutor in the Financial Crimes Department of Seoul Southern District Public Prosecutors’ Office in South Korea. He was honored for his work by the Public Prosecutor General in 2006 and 2010. Mr. Hur received a Bachelor of Laws degree from Korea National Open University and completed a two-year program at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. He has been a member of the Korean Bar since 2001. Mr. Hur will be conducting research on the compensation system for victims, the jury system, and white collar crimes. His visit to Wake Forest is sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Justice.


Ms. Hadia Balkhyoor (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Ms. Balkhyoor was the first woman student to register for law classes at King Abdulaziz University, the first university in Saudi Arabia to offer law classes to women. She was nominated by her peers to represent them at the Law Students Council and graduated in 2008 with “first honors.” She worked with three fellow students in writing a research paper entitled, “Sharia Study on the Rights of the Saudi Women to Practice the Law and Consultation,” which they presented to King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz. She also has trained as a lawyer in cooperation with King Abdulaziz University and Salah Al Hujailan Legal Office. Before coming to the U.S., Ms. Balkhyoor is a Teaching Assistant at King Abdulaziz University’s law department and a volunteer in the National Council for Human Rights, contributing legal support to several humanitarian cases. She graduated from the LL.M. Program at WFU in 2012 and focused on business law and participated in an Islamic Law presentation to faculty, students, and other members of the university community. Ms. Balkhyoor’s dissertation proposal is entitled, “Change in Circumstance during Performance: A Modern Analysis of the Legal Effect of Force Majeure and Hardship Clauses in International Commercial Contracts with Perspective of International Legal Doctrine and the General Principles of Shari’a Law.” With her dissertation, Ms. Balkhyoor will provide a comprehensive definition of force majeure and hardship to help legal researchers and jurists draft the best force majeure and hardship clauses under different legal systems. After completing the S.J.D. program, Ms. Balkhyoor will return to Saudi Arabia to teach law at King Abdulaziz University and to contribute to the creation of generations of successful Saudi, women lawyers.

Mr. Ahmed AlQurashi (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Since 2006, Mr. AlQurashi has worked as a Legal Consultant for the Committee for the Resolution of Securities Disputes at the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), which he describes as “the watchdog of the securities and stock markets in Saudi Arabia.” Prior to this position, Mr. AlQurashi was a Senior Shari’a Consultant, Auditor, and Acting Chief of the Information and Coordination Section for Alrajhi Banking & Investment Corporation. Mr. AlQurashi earned an LL.B. from Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University in 2001 and received a Diploma in Legal Studies from the Institute of Public Administration in 2006. He is also a 2011 WFU LL.M. graduate. As an LL.M. student, Mr. AlQurashi participated in an Islamic Law presentation to faculty, students, and other members of the university community. Mr. AlQurashi’s dissertation proposal is entitled “Between AlGharar and Unconscionabilty: A Proposal for the Precise Test to Invalidate Contracts.” After completing the S.J.D. program, Mr. Alqurashi plans to return to Saudi Arabia to teach law in universities, formulate financial and business contracts to be consistent with Shari’a principles, and inspect business transactions and executed contracts to assure they satisfy Shari’a requirements.

Mr. Abdullah Alshehry (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Mr. Alshehry is a member of the law faculty at the Institute of Public Administration in Riyadh, where he teaches classes in business and insurance law in Arabic and English, provides expert opinions to the public and private sectors, develops law training programs, and investigates violations of laws within the IPA. He also serves on an appointed committee to create and publicize a government sponsored book about King Abdullah’s achievements and designs materials for intensive training courses and seminar for judges in Commercial Paper Dispute. Moreover, he is a Legal Consultant to the public sector in Saudi Arabia and participates in drafting new laws at theBureau of Experts at the Ministry Council. Mr. Alshehry is also the Chief Legal Officer of Sweetex Food Industry. He manages the company’s legal affairs and drafts and reviews employment contracts and business agreements. He graduated from King Abdulaziz University with a Bachelor of Law degree. Mr. Alshehry is a 2008 graduate of WFU’s LL.M. Program in which he focused on commercial and business law. Mr. Alshehry’s dissertation proposal, entitled “The Reasonable Expectations Doctrine Knocks on the Saudi Legislative Council Door,” will focus on the implementation of the doctrine in insurance law. His career goal is to work in a Saudi Arabian university.

Mr. Mohamad Basam (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Mr. Basam is a Lecturer and Coordinator of the Legal Programs at the Institute of Public Administration (IPA), which is considered to be the main governmental authority responsible for training public servants in Saudi Arabia. At the IPA, Mr. Basam teaches government employees and young lawyers Insurance Law (in English), Administrative Law, Contracts, Government Contracts, and Legal Writing. In addition to his work at the IPA, Mr. Basam is a Part-Time Legal Consular at the Saudi Ministry of Defense. Mr. Basam is a 2007 WFU LL.M. graduate. During his last semester in the LL.M. program at Wake Forest University, Mr. Basam interned at Kilpatrick Stockton, where he observed practicing attorneys at work, conducted research, and learned about intellectual property and civil litigation. Before joining the LL.M. Program, Mr. Basam earned a LL.B. with honors from King Abdulaziz University, a top school in Saudi Arabia. His work experience included working as an Assistant Teacher at the IPA, a Law Clerk at the Majed Garoup Law Firm, and an intern for three summers for the National Commercial Bank in Jeddah. Mr. Basam’s dissertation proposal is entitled, “Legal Framework for Public Private Partnership Models in Saudi Arabia.” Researching a topic that has never been discussed in his home country, Mr. Basam hopes that it will benefit Saudi Arabia and other developing countries. Mr. Basam believes a SJD degree will enhance his qualifications to teach law in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Joel De Leon Quintero (Panama City, Panama)

Mr. Quintero received his first law degree from the University of Panama, where he graduated with honors. He later earned a postgraduate degree in Higher Education from the Specialized University of the Americas in 2005 and returned to the University of Panama to complete a Master’s program in Criminology in 2006. Mr. Quintero is a member of the Panamanian Bar Association and has worked for the Panamanian government for twelve years to fight corruption. He was an Executive Assistant to the Accountant Attorney General for whom he was responsible for recovering money stolen by employees and management staff. He was also an Assistant in the Electoral Prosecutor’s Office, where he investigated government officials’ use of public funds for electoral purposes, and an Assistant in the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, where he investigated senior government officials who were suspected of committing fraud or embezzling public funds. Mr. Quintero recently earned an LL.M. degree at the University of Notre Dame, where he focused on international human rights law. He has received a scholarship to earn an SJD degree in the U.S. from the National Bureau of Science, Technology, and Innovation of the Republic of Panama. Mr. Quintero’s dissertation proposal is entitled, “The Effectiveness of Strategies to Combat Corruption as an Institutional response to the Strengthening of Human Rights in Panama.” After completing the S.J.D. program, Mr. Quintero hopes to become a full-time professor at a university where he can teach and conduct research.