Professor Michael Curtis quoted in the Asheville Citizen-Times regarding free speech

Let’s face it: “free speech” is a bit of a misnomer.

It’s not like you can go around spouting out vicious lies and slandering someone you don’t like. But let’s not dwell on the comments on my columns.

Let’s talk about the free speech quandary as highlighted by two recent events: Joe Biden’s speech at UNC Asheville and the much beloved street preachers at Bele Chere.

At Biden’s UNCA appearance Tuesday, the university and the Secret Service relocated a small group of College Republicans and a few local Republicans from outside the Justice Center, where Biden was to speak, about a quarter-mile away in front of the Highsmith student union building.

They weren’t too happy and said their right to free speech was squelched, which I must say, it was. They had absolutely zero chance of making their views known to anyone attending, or certainly to Joe Biden himself.

But authorities have employed the same tactic for years now, squelching Republican and Democratic dissent along the way.

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