Dean Blake D. Morant ranks 13th among most influential people in legal education by The National Jurist

The National Jurist has announced that Dean Blake D. Morant ranks 13th among 24 legal educators and one legal education public policy advocate on its 2012 list of the most influential people in legal education.

The magazine, which made the announcement in the cover story of its most current issue, requested nominations from every law school in the nation, and received more than 85.  Its editorial team narrowed the list down to 50 and then asked 350 people in legal education, including every law school dean, to rate each nominee based on how much they influenced them in the past 12 months.

The final list includes law school deans and professors, with one exception — Kyle McEntee, co-founder of Law School Transparency, a non-profit organization.

Other honorees include some of the more controversial figures in legal education, including Paul Campos and Brian Tamanaha.

“It was surprising to see both the agitators and the establishment on the list,” said Jack Crittenden, Editor in Chief of the National Jurist in an earlier release. “The list is a who’s who of the people who have shaped the discussion over the past year, which has been a challenging and pivotal year. While some have shaped discussion through traditional means, others have stirred the pot more. But even though there has been much criticism about their means, it is clear that those who spoke up about legal education were heard.”