Former Interior Secretary and Arizona Gov. Bruce Babbitt to speak about environmental policies on Feb. 7

Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior and Arizona Gov. Bruce Babbitt is a key player in environmental and energy policies. His tenure as Secretary of the Interior has led to some of the most influential conservation policies.  Babbitt will discuss environmental policies during a question-and-answer session for students at the Wake Forest law school at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 7, in Room 1301 of the Worrell Professional Center. The event is free and open to the public.

According to,  Babbitt “combined experience and enthusiasm with a deep commitment to environmental protection and restoration. He tackled some of the most complex and controversial issues in public land management, resulting in long overdue reforms to mining, grazing, and endangered species law, and the protection of millions of acres of federal land from development through the designation of several national monuments. He used his skills as an effective public advocate and teacher to counter the inevitable criticism from political opponents, and he was instrumental in defeating the environmental rollback propositions of the Republican’s 1994 manifesto,Contract with America.

“Babbitt’s other restoration actions include being the first Interior Secretary to restore fire to its natural role in the wild and to tear down dams, restoring rivers flowing into the Atlantic and the Pacific. He was personally involved in demonstrating catch and release programs for endangered trout and salmon to highlight how restoring native fish habitat restores economies.”

He earned his bachelor’s in geology at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, his Masters of Science in geophysics at the University of Newcastle in England, and his  J.D. at Harvard University.