Professor Sidney Shapiro quoted in The Hill regarding the SBA’s Office of Advocacy

Photo of Professor Sidney Shapiro

Sid Shapiro is one of the country’s leading experts in administrative procedure and regulatory policy. He has written six books, contributed chapters to seven additional books, authored or coauthored over fifty articles, and is currently working on a book on administrative accountability.

A little known office within the Small Business Administration (SBA) is working at the behest of industry to block new federal rules and should be reined in, a pair of pro-regulation groups charged Tuesday.

The Center for Effective Government and the Center for Progressive Reform (CPR) issued separate, scathing reports detailing activity in the SBA’s Office of Advocacy.

The office, created in 1976, is charged with making sure federal agencies take small business into consideration when adopting new rules. But the groups say it has since morphed into a saboteur of federal regulations.

“The SBA’s Office of Advocacy has lost its way,” said Sidney Shapiro, of Wake Forest University School of Law and a co-author of the CPR report. “Instead of focusing like a laser on advancing the unique interests of small business, it’s spending too much of its time, and too many taxpayer dollars, acting as a federal outpost for big business and its anti-regulatory agenda.”

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