Association for Justice (AAJ) Trial Team competes in Regional Tournament

RALEIGH, N.C. — Wake Forest University School of Law’s American Association for Justice (AAJ) Trial Team competed in the Regional Tournament over the weekend of March 8.

Wake Forest fielded two teams in the tournament. Elliott Cassidy, Tom Lambert, Pat Wallace, and Adam White took second place at the competition. Sean Baetjer, Penn Broyhill, Perrin Fourmy, and Matt Meyers narrowly missed advancing to the semi-final round.

Both teams earned compliments and recognition during the preliminary rounds from district court judges, high stakes civil litigators, assistant district attorneys, and defense lawyers, said American Association for Justice (AAJ) Trial Team Coaches Kimberly Stevens (’92) and Matthew Breeding (’06).

At the end of the preliminary rounds, Wake Forest and the University of South Carolina were tied for the final spot in the semi-finals. The competition chairs broke the tie in an unprecedented manner: Pat Wallace of Wake Forest and a USC student delivered 5 minute opening statements to a conference room packed with coaches from each team. The coaches voted overwhelmingly that Mr. Wallace earned the right for his team to advance.

The following morning, Elliott Cassidy and Adam White presented their case in front of Judge Dever, the Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. With their fluid direct examinations, debilitating cross examinations, and tight responses to objections, Mr. Cassidy and Mr. White soundly defeated Charlotte School of Law, the coaches said.

Justice Newby of the North Carolina Supreme Court presided over the final round of the competition. Tom Lambert and Pat Wallace presented a sharp case against Campbell University School of Law but lost by a narrow margin. Most judges ranked the two teams within just a few points of one another.

“In addition to both teams, Laura Twichell and Thailer Buari provided constant support and were absolutely invaluable leading up to and at the competition,” the coaches added.

“Students like the 10 present at this competition are the reason that Wake Forest School of Law has the prestigious reputation that it does,” the coaches wrote in a report to the law schoo. “These 10 not only exhibited talent unmatched by their competitors but carried themselves in the classy, professional, intelligent, and poised manner that Wake Forest is known for. We hope you will join us in applauding their performance.”