New and current members of the Pro Bono Honor Society honored

After its creation during the 2009-2010 school year, the Pro Bono Project has experienced great success, according to Director of Outreach Beth Hopkins.

“The Pro Bono Project has helped to connect Wake Forest Law students to hundreds of opportunities with attorneys in varies fields including non-profit work, private practices and other legal service organizations,” she said.

“Congratulations to the current and new members of the Pro Bono Honors Society. These individuals completed 50 hours of Pro Bono hours in one year or 75 hours within three years, an incredible service to the community!”
The members are: Ama Frimpong, Amber Hardy, Anna Szamosi, Aurora Stierwald, Carolyn Demougeot, Christine Meier, Daniel Waxman, Denise Acron, Dustin Carlton, Elizabeth Vennum, Gelila Selassie, Joel Alexis De León Quintero, Juanita Flonard, Juliana O’Neill, Kristina Wolf, Leah Jones, Maria Travers de Paniagua, Mariel Mota, Martin Saunders, Nicholas Southwell, Rebekah Garcia, Sara White, Tito Morales, and Will Peete.
Students volunteered in various forms in different locations throughout North Carlolina. Examples include screening inmate letters, the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Legal Aid, the Forsyth County District Attorney’s office, participating in Call4All, as well as numerous forms of legal aid and internships.
As a whole, the School of Law completed 2,506 hours of service. More than 181 students participated in Pro Bono work, approximately 38.4% of the school. The 2Ls had the most hours with 1,261, while the 1Ls had the most participation with 60% of their class taking part in Pro Bono. Participation in Pro Bono increased significantly year over year, improving by approximately 115%.