Professor Shannon Gilreath (JD ’02) writes about pornography and the law in the Huffington Post

Lovelace, starring Amanda Seyfried, is the story of a small town girl, Linda Boreman, pornographed as Linda Lovelace, who gained fame as the “star” of the porn classic Deep Throat.

It is crucial to know, when watching this film, that Linda Boreman maintained that Linda Lovelace was not the “star” of Deep Throat, but rather its victim. Linda Boreman died in 2002, from injuries sustained in a car accident; but Linda’s story is lived over and over by countless women every day who are trafficked to make pornography. And the objectification of women as only for sex accomplished through films like Deep Throat is lived by every woman, everywhere, in one way or another, and whether or not they care to admit it.

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