Law students among those accepted into cross-disciplinary Breast Cancer Startup Challenge

The Avon Foundation, The Center for Advancing Innovation and the National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute recently unveiled a Startup Challenge for Advancing Innovation for commercializing breast cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. Wake Forest Law students are among those on a team that will represent Wake Forest University.

The Startup Challenge is a launch to advance breast cancer biomedical innovations, with student and entrepreneur mentor teams developing strategic business plans.

Only 100 Challenge Teams are accepted into the competition, and each Challenge Team must be comprised of students skilled in science, business and law. Four cross-disciplinary leaders from Wake Forest University School of Law, School of Business, and School of Medicine and Innovations have gathered students from each discipline to form a total of five teams for the Startup Challenge.

“I have found working with faculty in Business and other parts of the University one of the most meaningful aspects of being a professor at Wake Forest.” said Steve Virgil, Professor of Community Law and Business at the School of Law.

Virgil, Dr. Michael Batalia, Executive Director of Commercialization at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Steve Susalka, Associate Director of Commericialization, and Dr. Stanley Mandel, Professor of Practice and Director of the Angell Center for Entrepreneurship at the School of Business have partnered to work together for the Startup Challenge, forming five teams. All five Wake Forest teams were accepted into the Startup Challenge, providing a significant interdisciplinary opportunity for students to become involved in scientific entrepreneurial endeavors.

“This is a great opportunity for Wake Law students to work in a very interdisciplinary way on a compelling and important project.  Our students will work with students from Medicine and Business, as well as professionals in each area and accomplished entrepreneurs, to collaborate on a business plan, that, if funded, could be the launch of a career.  It is very exciting.” commented Virgil.

Wake Forest University was quoted on the Breast Cancer Startup Challenge website.

“The Wake Forest Team(s) are anxious to participate in the Breast Cancer Challenge.  This is a new way to motivate and incentivize students to make a significant contribution to the solution of at least one societal health care issue.  Combined with other participating universities, judges, and mentors, this offers a great learning experience.  It may be at a minimum a startup Challenge, but also can be viewed as the launch of a student’s career.”

More information about the Challenge, teams, and participant schools can be found on the Challenge’s website.