Wake Forest Law co-sponsors Torts Conference with University of Sydney Law School, Emory

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Wake Forest Law earlier this month co-sponsored, “Torts Forum: Apportionment and Attribution of Liability,” with the University of Sydney Law School and Emory Law on Dec. 14-16.

Assistant Dean of Research and Development Jonathan Cardi and Professor Omari Simmons made presentations at the conference, where scholars from around the globe discussed key issues in Tort Law.

Professor Cardi co-organized the conference with Barbara McDonald from the University of Sydney. His presentation was titled, “Basis for liability for negligent infliction of emotional distress claims.”  Professor Simmons’ presentation was titled, “Muted Deterrence: The Enhanced Attribution of Liability to U.S. Higher Education Institutions for Student Safety.”

“It was a fantastic conference,” Cardi said. “I received useful feedback for my ongoing research on negligent infliction of emotional distress.”

Learn more about the conference here.