Student Profile: Alexandra ‘Ally’ Maryjean Berry (MSL ’14)

Photo of Alexandra Berry (MSL '14)

Alexandra Berry (MSL '14)

Student Profile: Alexandra “Ally” Maryjean Berry (MSL ’14)

Age: 23

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Undergraduate school and major: Wake Forest University, Major: Psychology Minors: Sociology and Studio Art

Previous work experience: I have played competitive soccer my whole life, which I considered to be a ‘full-time job.’ I played for the Varsity Women’s Soccer team here at Wake Forest from 2009-2013 during the fall and spring seasons, and continued to play during the summer for an Ohio Elite ECNL team.

Why I chose the MSL Program: After tearing my second ACL during the summer going into my sophomore year at WFU, I received a medical redshirt for missing the 2010 fall season and returned that spring. I participated in the graduation ceremony this past May 2013 and received my final few credits the following summer to finish my undergraduate degree. I chose the MSL program because I have always been curious of how our legal system works, and the uniqueness of this program’s core curriculum immediately interested me.

Explain something surprising that you have learned so far: I feel like my surprise learning experience came just as it does for most students beginning to understand law. We are all aware the what we see on television shows is an over-dramatized version of what really happens in the courtroom, but I was completely unaware of the actual vigorous work that is put into the process of litigation. I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained.

Memorable moment: Every Friday our class of 15 meets for Negotiations with Professor Ralph Peeples…and the intensity of our discussion never allows for a dull moment. Whether it’s conflict between 2 classmates negotiating their given side or the heated debates that arise during the class’s follow-up discussion, we are each challenged with balancing our emotional connection to the topic with the standpoints we are assigned to argue.

Favorite class: Negotiations.

What I plan to do after graduation: I am newly retired college athlete just learning to let go of what I’ve loved challenging myself with for these past 15 years, but I welcome my life’s upcoming challenge(s) and opportunities outside of athletics.