Two couples among 20 Wake Forest Law alumni sworn in to the U.S. Supreme Court Bar

Two married couples were among the 20 Wake Forest Law alumni who were admitted and sworn in to the United States Supreme Court Bar on Tuesday, May 27, 2014. In all, 21 applicants associated with Wake Forest were sworn in to the high court, including a spouse of one alumna.

The alumni are Ray Ashburg (’03), Shauna Moser Barnes (’10), Eric Andrew Braun (’98 BA, ’01 JD), Katherine Cameron Currie (’08), William Penn Dickinson III (’07 BA, ’10 JD), Kathleen Cecilia Quinn DuBois (’02), Angela Renee Elder (’01 BA, ’05 JD), Munje Betty Foh (’08), Sarah Wesley Fox (’83) , Deborah Sheedy Halvorsen (’98), the Honorable A. Robinson Hassell, Eloise McCain Hassell (’83), Jason Robert Hull (’05), Christopher Michael Leins (’09), Kevin James Moser (’08), Susan Jones Ryan (’05), Christopher Michael Trebilcock (’00), Craig Bradford Wheaton (’81), Elise Morgan Whitley (’01), Karen Malette Wilson (’82 BS, ’85 JD) and Sonya Nicole Wright (’07).

“The experience was amazing – for both me and my husband, Kelley,” Ryan said. “Kelley has been very supportive throughout my law school and legal practice journey.  An unexpected joy in the SCOTUS trip was for Kelley to experience this milestone. And I also saw the pride and sense of accomplishment in the faces of many of the other family members.”

In addition to being sworn in, the group had the opportunity to meet with Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Roberts told the group, “‘Don’t forget what it took to get here and all the people that helped you get here.”

Those words resonated with Fox. “His words puts our careers and that day in perspective — that you’re only here because others have taken the time to mentor you, educate you, encourage you. It’s a great message to remember for everyone who is fortunate to have a career in law.”  (You can read more about Fox’s experience on Page 46)

Following the ceremony and meeting with the justices, a behind-the-scenes tour of the National Gallery was offered by Shaida Horner (’99), who was sworn into the SCOTUS bar last year. The tour was led by Jame Anderson (BA ’93), exhibit designer and architect at the National Gallery. Prior to the ceremony on Monday, an alumni reception was held at The Fairmont Hotel in Georgetown. Current students in Professor Abigail Perdue’s Washington Summer Judicial Externship Progream attended the reception as well. The program places rising second-year and third-year law students into unpaid externships at some of the most vibrant and influential courts in Washington, D.C.

The next opportunity for Wake Forest Law alumni to be sworn in to the SCOTUS bar will be March 9, 2015. Contact Karleigh King at for more information.