Student Profile: Anastasia Bond (’16)

Photo of Anastasia Bond ('16)

Anastasia Bond ('16)

Hometown:  Ramsey, N.J.

Undergraduate school and major: I graduated from New York University with a major in Politics and a minor in Economics. I focused my studies on political economy.

Why I chose Wake Forest School of Law: While there were several considerations that went into my decision, one of the determining factors was Wake Forest Law’s collegial environment.  I really wanted to attend a law school where the culture was less about fiercely competing with your classmates (especially to the point where pages are torn out of casebooks), and more about learning the law and working with other students and your professors to achieve that goal.  I attended Wake Forest’s open house in February 2013, and speaking to the staff, students, admitted students, and sitting in on a class were all very positive experiences.  It made me want to be a part of this special law school community.

Involvement on campus:  I am an Honor Council Class Representative, and serve as the secretary on the Honor Council Executive Board.  I participate in Wake Forest Law’s Lawyer on the Line program, and I am also a Student Ambassador.  I am on the Moot Court Board, and a Summer Guest Blogger for the Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law.  Two other things I am involved with is I am doing research for Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Suzanne Reynolds (’77) this summer, and I expect to be involved with the incoming 1Ls as a Writing Fellow for some of the LAWR classes.

1L summer experience:  It has been very interesting and rewarding.  I was really excited to work at the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust because of the important conservation work they do in North Carolina, but also because this experience is allowing me to explore the property and tax law fields.  Another great part of the experience is that I have also been very involved in the corporate law that is involved in running a non-profit.  I have found this to be especially interesting because I previously worked on various corporate matters in a law firm, and it has been very interesting to see the similarities and differences of this practice from the point of view of a non-profit as against the point of view from a law firm with corporate/non-profit clients.

Memorable moment:  So far I think that would be making some really good friends, and also making Moot Court.  I have always thought that I want to do strictly transactional law, but going through the Walker Competition and strengthening my oral advocacy skills really has allowed me to consider a broader range of career options.

What I plan to do after graduation:  I know that I want to work in North Carolina, and at this point I would like to practice some form of transactional law (perhaps property, trusts and estates, corporate, or financial services), but I am also considering land use law because of its unique fusion of transactional work, as well as some court-room exposure.