Wake Forest Law ranks among top health care law programs

Wake Forest School of Law has been ranked among the top schools for health care law by Law Street Media.

Wake Forest Law is among 57  law schools to receive honorable mentions in the category. This list represents the first of five specialty rankings scheduled to be released this summer. The rankings focus on key specialties in law and were created with the recognition that the law school market is rapidly changing. Wake Forest was also mentioned in the list of top programs for Intellectual Property law.

The Law Street rankings represent a new and innovative way to measure the opportunities given to students, and the breadth of specialty education provided by each of these programs.

“We undertook this ongoing project because of the insufficiency of existing rankings such as those published by U.S. News and World Report that overlook meritorious programs,” said John A. Jenkins, founder and CEO of Law Street Media. “In the current competitive marketplace both for law schools as well as new graduates, it is vital to drill down into the specialties and take a closer look at which programs truly offer the greatest value.  Tuition payers need to be fully informed. The fact that we found some unheralded-yet-excellent programs is good news for anyone considering the major tuition investment that law school has become.”

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