Rose Council welcomes new leadership, members

After its retooling in 2013, the Rose Council, formerly the Young Alumni Board, has added new members and a new board of leaders.
In total, six new alumni have been added to the council. Members of the Rose Council are individuals who have graduated within the past 10 years. There are currently 47 members.

The new members of the Rose Council are Alex Ingle (’13), Will Dickinson (’10), Phillip Ross (’12), Kristin Racine (’09), Marc Langston (’11) and Lisa Peterson (’13).

Several members of the council were recently appointed to leadership positions as well. Rich McPherson (’10) is chair, Jessie Cohan (’06) is co-chair, Shauna Barnes (’10) is head of the events subcommittee, Chris Jackson (’11) is in charge of fundraising, Brandon Barnes (’09) leads the professional development, and Art Bookout (’09) is head of communication.

The Rose Council consists of young emerging leaders who are tasked with engagement, fundraising, and feedback for the law school.

The full list of members is:  Johnathon Anderson (’08), Shauna (Moser) Barnes (’10), Brandon Barnes (’09), Natasha Barone (’10), James Bauer (’11), Scott Bayzle (’05), Arthur Bookout (’09), William Patrick Burchette (’07), John Byron (’11), Angie Cecil (’08), Jessica Cohan (’06), Erin Comerford (’08), Clara Cottrell (’07), Katherine Cumbus (’06), William Dickinson (’10), Catayah “Angelia” Duncan (’10), Heather (Williams) Forshey (’06), Stephanie Greer Fulcher (’05), John Gardener (’04), Kristen Garris (’08), Amy Holbrook (’09), Alexander Ingle (’13), Christopher Jackson (’11), Amanda Johnson (’11), Erika Karnaszewski (’07), Meredith (Jones) Kingsley (’09), Johnathon Kreider (’08), Marc Langston (’11), Gerald Liska (’07), Alicia Luchetti (’11), Caroline (Payseur) Mackie (’10), Thomas (Rich) McPherson (’10), Mitchell Mosley (’11), Justin Nifong (’07), Lisa Peterson (’13), Meredith Pinson (’09), Kristin (Becker) Racine (’09), Alexandria Reyes (’09), Allison Richmond (’11), Davis Roach (’12), Bradley Roehrenbeck (’05), Phillip Ross (’12), Greer (Benge) Taylor (’12), Jose Vega (’07), Whitney Wallace (’08), Jeffery Wolf (’08).