Professor Gene Mazo’s campaign finance article listed on SSRN’s Top 10 download list

Professor Eugene Mazo

Photo of Professor Eugene Mazo

A paper written by Wake Forest Law Professor Eugene Mazo, “The Disappearance of Corruption and the New Path Forward in Campaign Finance,” has been listed on the Social Science Research Network’s (SSRN) Top 10 download list for the topic of Campaign Finance Law and Policy and also on SSRN’s Top 10 download list for the category of Corruption.

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“One of the hottest areas of research right now is in campaign finance,” said Professor Mazo. “Scholars are looking to find a new way by which our society can regulate money in politics. Just having Congress pass a statute to do this will not work, because that statute will likely be struck down by the Supreme Court for violating the First Amendment. Congress does not have the stomach for this fight, having lost a similar battle with the Supreme Court many times before. My proposal calls for Congress to regulate campaign finance not by statute, but through its own internal ethics rules. These already regulate lobbying, and they also already regulate gifts to members of Congress. Now they should be used to regulate how the financing of political campaigns works too.”

Read and download the paper here.