Professor Omari Simmons presents at ‘I, Too, Am Harvard: The Blacktivism Conference 2014′

Photo of Professor Omari Simmons

Professor Omari Simmons

Professor Omari Simmons presented at the “I, Too, Am Harvard: The Blacktivism Conference 2014″ on Oct. 11, 2014, at Harvard University. He presented on the link between higher education access and racial justice in the 21st century.

The conference was an intercollegiate conference focused on exploring advocacy efforts specific to black collegiate students’ interests. Though originally inspired by the “I, Too, Am Harvard” and subsequent “I, Too” movements launched in spring 2014, this conference sought to provide a platform for interested students to explore these issues further while making long-lasting connections with similarly minded students. From advocacy development workshops to events with alumni to socials, this conference aimed to equip students with the tools needed to make meaningful changes on their respective campuses and beyond.

Paige Woods, a Harvard junior, was one of the organizers of the conference. She is a Winston-Salem native, who attended Parkland High School and is a Simmons Memorial Foundation alumnus.

Simmons’ research interests include corporate governance and education policy. Prior to joining the Wake Forest Law School faculty, Professor Simmons worked as corporate counsel for two multinational corporations and as an associate at the law firm of Wilmer Hale in Washington, D.C. Immediately after law school, he clerked for the Honorable E. Norman Veasey, Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court. Professor Simmons is a member of the American Law Institute and is the Executive Director of the Simmons Memorial Foundation (SMF), a nonprofit organization that provides college consulting services to vulnerable students. Read his full bio here.